The YellowBrickMall Comes to You!

Sometimes it's difficult to remember to go to your favorite non-profit or schools's YellowBrickMall page to do your online shopping.  So, we want to make it easier for you by having the mall come to you.

By completeing this brief form, you can request your three favorite shopping categories merchant links to be emailed to you!  No, you won't be bombarded with emails.  About every couple of weeks you will receive an email with direct links to the merchants in your favorite shopping categories--linking to these stores means your favorite non-profit or school gets a portion of that sale!  Plus, you'ss still have easy access to all of the shopping categories for the school or charity you support.  It's that easy!  And there are still no logins and no personal information will be gathered by the YellowBrickMall.  Want to see a sample of what this looks like?--Click here.

So, SHOP, SAVE, SUPPORT and let the mall come to you!     Follow the Yellow Brick Toad to the YellowBrickMall

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