Frequently Asked Questions

The Yellow Brick is an easy supplemental fundraising website for non-profits, schools, churches, or virtually any organization that needs help raising money.  It is an online shopping mall made up of hundreds of national online merchants, whereby a portion of each purchase made from the online retailers goes back to the organization. 

How does it work?

The is affiliated with hundreds of online merchants through several national link management companies.  These companies track online sales made through merchant “affiliates” and a commission is paid by the merchants, paid either to the Link Management Company or in some cases directly to the who in turn will provide the majority of the commission to your organization in the form of a donation. The average percentage commission (donation) that you receive is between 5% and 6%!

What if we don’t want certain merchants on our page?

Each page on the is customizable, so if for any reason you do not want a particular merchant (or category) on the site, then it will be removed at your request.  For example, you might already have a buying agreement with an office supply company and therefore don’t want office supplies on the site.

How much does it cost for my organization to have a page on the

There is no cost to the organization to set up a page with all of the online merchants.  You are only asked to market the page and make its existence known to your supporters.  Obviously, if no one knows about the page, they won’t visit and wont’ be able to support your organization.  We require a link to your page directly from your website and encourage you to use email marketing, eNewsletter marketing, and other initiatives that remind your supporters on a regular basis. You can remind your business supporters that they can buy office supplies, computers, office furniture, etc. online and help support your organization. 

The will keep the site updated with the most current merchants and links.  So there is absolutely no risk on your part!  The worst thing that can happen is that you don’t make any money from the site.

How long does it take to get our free page set up on the site?

We can have your page set up within 48 hours in most cases.  Once your page is set up, your supporters can begin shopping and supporting your organization right away.

If I make an online purchase from one of the retailers but don’t link through the page, can I still get credit for the sale?

In most cases, no. 

What if a donation is made on a sale and the item is later returned?

Just as sales are tracked, returns are as well.  If a donation is paid on an item that is later returned, the amount will be subtracted from future donations.

Are visitors' personal information or buying habits tracked by the

Never!  Your supporters’ shopping experiences are not altered in any way by linking through our site.  All credit card information, personal or shipping information, etc., is never shared with us.  For example, if Mary Smith buys four books totaling $100 from through the link on your page, we will be able to see that four books were purchased from the link on your page and that the total purchase was $100, but we will never know WHO made the purchase.

Do visitors have to login with a username and password?

No logins whatsoever! No usernames or passwords to remember.  This is one of the reasons why the is better and easier to use than any other similar site.

How much money will we likely make from the site?

It simply depends on how many people you make aware of your page on the site. We cannot guarantee that anyone will make a purchase through your links so we can't make any guarantees that you will make money.  But since there's no cost to have a page on the site, you certainly can't lose money!  

How often do we receive donation checks?

Donation checks are generated quarterly.  For activity on your page in January through March, a check will be sent to your organization in April.  In other words, two to three weeks after the end of the quarter.  

How do we get started?

Simply complete the brief Request A Page formand we will have your page set up within 48 hours in most cases.

If you have other questions, please send an email to or complete the Contact Us form.

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